Feb 22 – 24, 2023
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
US/Pacific timezone


P5 (Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel) makes recommendations on the next 10 years of the US particle physics program within the 20 year context to HEPAP, which advises DOE and NSF. It builds on the extensive community involvement in the Snowmass study. This meeting is the beginning of the information gathering mode for the panel to learn the aspiration of the community and basic ideas on costs and schedule of proposed projects. It is hosted by LBNL, and will be followed by similar meetings at Fermilab/Argonne, Brookhaven, and SLAC.  For the current plan of the panel, see a tentative web page.

Town Halls have a set of invited talks on overview of scientific opportunities as well as concrete projects, including their costs and schedules. They also have sessions for the community members to make short (~5min) remarks about their vision for the field, exciting science, projects, and issues of the community. People are encouraged to propose remarks, especially early career scientists. There will be also a time for "open-mic" session for discussions. Invited talks at LBNL are mainly focused on Cosmic Frontier, but the talks on National Initiatives and remarks do not have to be connected to Cosmic Frontier.

The Town Hall will be a hybrid event. Both in-person and remote participants must register. In-person participants will later receive instructions for a full registration to submit information for site access. In-person participation is accepted on first-come, first-served basis up to the capacity of 230. Registration for in-person participation is now closed, but remote participants can register at any time. Zoom information will be provided only for registered participants. 

You can see pictures from the Town Hall here.

Friday, February 24 is reserved  for a closed session of the panel.




This Town Hall will be hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

It will be held in the Auditorium in Building 50.


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
B50 Auditorium
1 Cyclotron Rd. Berkeley, CA 94720
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