3rd Berkeley Workshop on the Direct Detection of Dark Matter

Perseverance Hall (LBL Building 54)

Perseverance Hall

LBL Building 54

1 Cyclotron Rd
Kevin Lesko (LBL) , Peter Sorensen (LBL) , Simon Fiorucci (LBL)
*** 30 Nov update: as of yesterday, registration was full. This limit has been lifted. If you recently tried but were unable to register, please try again now, we can accept a few more attendees. ***

The 3rd Berkeley Workshop on the Direct Detection of Dark Matter will be held December 5-6, 2016. The purpose of the workshop is to focus on ideas towards and challenges of future dark matter search experiments. Please see the Scientific Programme and Timetable for further details.

This workshop is supported by the DOE Office of Science and the Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics (INPA) at LBL. There is no fee to attend, but registration is mandatory. Registration is open! Please follow the link at the left of the page. All talks are by invitation only; please contact the organizers if you are interested in presenting at this workshop. As of 15 Nov, the agenda is full.

Travel and Accommodation details:
Both OAK and SFO airports offer frequent train connections to Downtown Berkeley via BART. The free LBL shuttle stops across the street from the BART entrance. You want the blue route shuttle to B54. Walking up the hill is also an option, via Hearst Ave to Cyclotron Rd.

A great option for lodging is the Berkeley Lab Guesthouse. Our workshop will be in Perseverance Hall, located in Building 54 (B54) which also contains the cafeteria. It is right across from the guesthouse! You can see this from a map of a portion of LBL. Another option is the UC Berkeley Faculty Club, or any of the myriad accommodation options downtown and across the bay in SF. In any case, it is strongly advised that you book asap, as Berkeley is a popular destination in December. Note that espresso/coffee, breakfast and lunch are available at the cafeteria. Hours of operation are listed here. For dinner/refreshments on Dec 5, we will head down the hill into Berkeley.

NOTE* To make an online reservation at the Berkeley Lab Guesthouse, visit this page. Click the first radio button, "Visiting, studying or working at the Berkeley Lab," Then select "Physics Division," and use pfsorensen@lbl.gov as the "LBNL Contact/Sponsor."
  • Alan Poon
  • Alan Robinson
  • Alden Fan
  • Andrew Sonnenschein
  • Andrey Elagin
  • Anna Petrova
  • Anthony Villano
  • Ben Schlitzer
  • Bernard Sadoulet
  • Bob Jacobsen
  • Brian Mong
  • Elizabeth Boulton
  • Emilija Pantic
  • Evan Pease
  • Gianpaolo Carosi
  • Graham Kribs
  • Harry Nelson
  • Herbert Steiner
  • Igor Ostrovskiy
  • Inés Gil-Botella
  • Javier Tiffenberg
  • Jay Hyun Jo
  • Jelena Maricic
  • Jim Whitmore
  • Jodi Cooley
  • juan estrada
  • Jules Gascon
  • Julien Billard
  • Junsong Lin
  • Katayun Kamdin
  • Kelsey Oliver-Mallory
  • Kevin Lesko
  • Lucie Tvrznikova
  • M. Patrick Decowski
  • Maria Elena Monzani
  • Masaki Yamashita
  • Matt Pyle
  • Matthew Szydagis
  • Michele Papucci
  • Miguel Arratia
  • Murdock Gilchriese
  • Nicolò Crescini
  • Ning Zhou
  • Noah Kurinsky
  • Paolo Privitera
  • Quentin ARNAUD
  • Rafael Lang
  • Scott Kravitz
  • Simon Fiorucci
  • Spencer Klein
  • Stefano Profumo
  • Stephen Derenzo
  • Stephen Hanrahan
  • Tessa Johnson
  • Test Particle
  • Tom Shutt
  • Vetri Velan
  • Xin Xiang
  • Yasuhiro Kishimoto