May 30, 2013 to June 1, 2013
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
US/Pacific timezone

Guidelines for Speakers

General Guidelines

The goal of each presentation is to provide input/feedback on the assigned topic for a white paper on the status and future of IC design in the US for HEP. A draft of this white paper will be available ahead of the workshop. Please read the draft once available and address in your presentation points that are missing from the draft, not accurate, or require discussion.

Presentations should be as short as possible, and in no case longer than 25 minutes, leaving as much time as possible for discussion. If the main points can be summarized in 15 minutes instead of 25, please do so.

Minimal time should be spent on questions that have been already addressed by prior design work. Past work should only be shown if necessary to understand future needs, or when it may provide a model for future work.

Focus should be on what are the problems, what are the known solutions, and how difficult or labor intensive they would be to implement. Will the problems be solved by industry or others if we simply wait, and if so on what time-scale.

There are some additional guidelines for the following specific subjects:

Challenges for future IC design (radiation, cryogenic, system, etc.)

Data transmission

Experimental frontiers (energy, intensity, cosmic)

Industry, technology, collaboration