10-13 July 2018
US/Pacific timezone

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

A vital part of this workshop is the solicitation of abstracts for the workshop's topics of discussion in the general subject area of long-lived particles. These ideas should realistically be able to benefit from a small group of experts working on the ideas over a few-day timescale. New ideas are absolutely essential to this novel meeting format. If you are able to attend, we strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for a topic for discussion. If your proposal is selected, you will have a lot of people working on your idea! We also hope that you would be able to give the first-day introductory talk on your proposal.

Abstracts should be about a paragraph long, but we don't enforce a strict text limit. You also have the option to attach a pdf with figures, numbers or formula if you feel this is helpful to explain the idea. You are welcome to team up and submit a joint abstract with other participants, but if you do so please indicate in the "speaker" field who will be presenting the topic to the group if your abstract is selected.

The call for abstracts is closed.