Weekly instrumentation meeting: ZOOM ONLY! Earlier time!


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Meeting ID: 740 774 545

LBNL Covid-19 website https://covid.lbl.gov/home

EH&S COVID-19 resources https://ehs.lbl.gov/coronavirus/

Ergonomic telework website https://ergo.lbl.gov/home/covid-19-resources-from-the-ergo-team

Emotional and physical well being resources https://covid.lbl.gov/wellness https://diversity.lbl.gov/category/wellness-resources/

Division Safety Coordinator Listing https://ehs.lbl.gov/contact/

    • 13:00 13:05
      5 minute social "hour" 5m
    • 13:05 13:35
      Round table of updates and plans for break and Jan. return 30m
    • 13:35 13:55
      possible live feed from Triumf irradiaition 20m