Brown Bag Instrumentation Seminar

Sensors and imagers at FBK

by Gianligi Casse (FBK-CMM & U. Liverpool)

50A-5132 ()


The Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Trento (Italy) has a 25 year long activity in developing sensors and imagers for experimental physics and applications. It started with a clean room designed to produce CCD cameras for robotics on 4” wafers, and it evolved to today's infrastructure to make high end, niche devices for ground and space based experiments (SDD, SSD, PD, 3D column sensors). Sensors have evolved in a spectacular way with time (granularity, speed, radiation tolerance, ecc) and FBK has been one of the actors in the fast race to improved performance. Novel approaches have also emerged, like the progressive substitution of Photo Multipliers Tubes in a number of applications, and the use of tracking with accurate timing information (4D tracking) in particle physics. In this presentation I will show FBK’sstate-of-the-art and future perspectives in the design and development of sensors and imagers for scientific experiments and applications.