Interdisciplinary Instrumentation Colloquium

Amanda Krieger (LBNL): "Integrated Circuit Design at Berkeley Lab -- Three Decades of Innovation

50 Auditorium

50 Auditorium


This talk will review the lab's integrated circuit design capabilities with selected examples of past projects and future directions, including operation at 4 Kelvin and below. May scientific applications are only possible with highly integrated electronics meeting very specific performance goals that can only be achieved with dedicated integrated circuits. The IC design group develops ground-up designs that are then fabricated in the same commercial foundries that produce millions of consumer electronics wafers each year, yet meet specifications typically far outside the commercial operation limits.

Short bio:

Amanda Krieger began her career fabricating and testing bulk Si and Ge detectors in Berkeley Lab’s former Semiconductor Detector Laboratory in 1991. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley in 1995, she later joined the IC Design Group, where she has since specialized in analog ASIC design for many research and industrial applications. Some of her most rewarding projects have been partnerships for space exploration, electron microscopy, and high-energy physics research. Her most recent collaboration work is the RD53B ATLAS pixel readout for HL-LHC. Amanda has been a co-chair of Berkeley Lab’s Lambda Alliance EAA and ERG, and continues to be an alumni representative on the UCB Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for LGBTQ Communities at Cal.


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