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5/1/2017 - General News
Indico Upgraded
21/12/2016 - General News
Indico Downtime
This Indico installation will be upgraded on Thursday, January 5, 2017.  Please do not add any new content between 5:00PM on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 and 5:00PM on Thursday, January 5.

The system may be down sporadically during this time frame.

After the upgrade the Indico will have a different version with a slightly different format, but the functionality will be unchanged. 

If questions, contact Jeffrey Anderson <>
29/4/2013 - General News
Physics Division Indico accepts LBL LDAP Logins
LBL Employees can login to this Indico with their LBL LDAP logins.  Use your LDAP login name (without the as your username.
4/12/2012 - General News
New Indico Installed
The new LBNL Physics Division Indico is installed.  LBNL personnel can login with their LDAP credentials.  Other users must request an account.
4/12/2012 - General News
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