December 1, 2018
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
US/Pacific timezone

Measurement of Neutrino Cross Section with IceCube using Earth Absorption

Dec 1, 2018, 2:00 PM
Building 50 Auditorium (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

Building 50 Auditorium

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Sally Robertson (UC Berkeley)


The IceCube observatory located at the South Pole detects high energy neutrino's from atmospheric and astrophysics sources. Neutrinos are weakly interacting particles but at high energies neutrinos will be absorbed while traveling through the Earth. The Earth absorption can be used to fit for the neutrino cross section at TeV energies, well above accelerator measurements. A previous study published the results for one year of IceCube data, this new analysis will use 8 years of data reducing statistical errors and using improvements in the systematics.

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Primary author

Sally Robertson (UC Berkeley)

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