December 1, 2018
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
US/Pacific timezone

Scintillation Response Linearity of Nuclear Recoils in High Pressure Helium Gas

Dec 1, 2018, 11:00 AM
Building 50 Auditorium (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

Building 50 Auditorium

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Andreas Biekert (UC Berkeley)


We present an ongoing analysis of an experiment measuring the scintillation response linearity of high pressure helium-4 gas to nuclear recoils using a commercial fast neutron detector. The Arktis Fast Neutron Detector S670 is a tube filled with high pressure natural helium gas and several silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) light detectors, which collect scintillation light produced by particle interactions in the detector. We use a monoenergetic source of 2.8 MeV neutrons from a DD generator and an organic scintillator detector to tag neutrons scattering into a particular recoil angle and therefore fix the energy deposited into the helium gas. We analyze the linearity of the scintillation response of the detector down to a recoil energy of 83 keV by comparing the experimental data to Monte Carlo simulations of the experimental setup. We also present some of the advantages and pitfalls of using a commercial detector for such a measurement.

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Primary author

Andreas Biekert (UC Berkeley)

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