NorCal HEP-EXchange

PAB 102/103 (Stanford University)

PAB 102/103

Stanford University

382 Via Pueblo Mall Stanford, CA 94305

Photo from the event!

A forum for northern Californian experimental high energy physics students and postdocs to share work in progress. The first gathering will be hosted at Stanford University in December 2017. In addition to opportunities for discussion during coffee breaks and at lunch, we will have three categories of talks with varying lengths:

  • Students who are nearing the end of the their PhD or new postdocs are encouraged to present their thesis work in a longer format.
  • Updates on work in progress -- analysis, hardware, software
  • 'Lightning round' that will have very short presentations in order to generate interest and discussion.

Due to the generous support of Richard Taylor no registration fee is required!

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We are hosting a logo design contest!  Details here.   The winner will receive a copy of the ATLAS Pop-Up book!

Google Drive Folder with Talks
  • Alden Fan
  • Aleksandra Dimitrievska
  • Andreas Biekert
  • Aude Glaenzer
  • Aviv Cukierman
  • Ben Schlitzer
  • Benjamin Godfrey
  • Benjamin Nachman
  • Brendan Regnery
  • Charilou Labitan
  • Charles Blakemore
  • Charles Young
  • Christine McLean
  • Christopher Brainerd
  • Devin Taylor
  • Dong Su
  • Emily Duffield
  • Gaosong Li
  • Garrett Funk
  • Grace Haza
  • Ian Lim
  • Jacob Cutter
  • Jacopo Dalmasson
  • James Watson
  • Jannicke Pearkes
  • Jason Nielsen
  • John Conway
  • Jyothisraj Johnson
  • Karol Krizka
  • Katayun Kamdin
  • Kathryn Grimm
  • Kelsey Oliver Mallory
  • Leon Pickard
  • Luca Pagani
  • Maria Elena Monzani
  • Mark Convery
  • Michael Jewell
  • Michela Paganini
  • Nicole Hartman
  • Ramya Bhaskar
  • Robin Erbacher
  • Ryan Linehan
  • Sai Santpur
  • Sheena Schier
  • Sicong Lu
  • Simone Michele Mazza
  • Steven Gardiner
  • Steven Macauda
  • Tessa Johnson
  • Thomas Whitis
  • Trenton Rosenquist
  • Vetri Velan
  • Vincent Fischer
  • William Mccormack
  • Yao Yao
  • Yun-Tse Tsai
  • Zhangqier Wang