Charm Physics

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Charm Meeting 11/06/19

Accuracy of MC samples

Powheg NLO W (LO charm)

Madgraph NLO W+c

Sherpa NLO 0,1,2 jets, LO 3 jets (Need to check this)
matched sample average max(ptV + HT)

We need to COMPARE the Sherpa and Madgraph samples.
Since Powheg does a terrible job at geting pT right
we'll hold off on comparing that MC sample.

Madgraph vs Sherpa:
Do we have the same efficiency?
Do we have the same mass resolution?

Compare PU and no PU for Sherpa and compare efficiencies.

Marjorie generated a large sample of QCD jets with a 27 GeV cut on the muon.
Done with Pythia8 up to FTAG. Bias Generation used w/ pT^4
1M events generated

Questions to get answers for:
Ratio of bbar to ccbar?
What variables kill the background?

What we should talk about next week:
Miha will be giving a talk to the SM W+jets group week of Thanksgiving.
Let's talk about what we would like to share.

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